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Nov 2, 2013 5:00am EDT
. this is the exact same treatment that they use in the spa. the facemaster is the only way you can do that at home with the same electrical output as a $12,000 machine for the price of just two treatments. >> after you're done with it, you can feel the difference in your face and you feel as if you did something. >> you feel stimulated. and you feel rejuvenated. that's how i feel. >> i definitely see a little bit more plumpness and a little more definition all over. my eyes look a lot more open and the wrinkles are fewer. it's noticeable. it's exciting. the facemaster works. >> people start saying, "you had work done?" i'm like, "no, i didn't. no, i didn't. it's the facemaster." yay! >> one of the most exciting things about facemaster is that you can see such fast results. i mean, sometimes, it's absolutely amazing the difference you could see after just one treatment. to show you what i mean, let me introduce you to rachelle, who is using facemaster for the first time, right? >> mm-hmm. >> and i asked rachelle to just focus on one side of her face so that we could see the difference. and she's ju
Nov 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
to u.s. interest and pay for the consequences, they could simply contemplate pakistan for the greater cost of delivering nukes. the saudi arabians said they could never imagine that there bomb.only be a shiite the guardian of the two holy sites and the champion of the sunni world. this is in their dna and secondly, there is lots of circumstantial evidence. >> evidence of recent contingency planning. saudi arabia has created additional launch pads for their chinese made ballistic missiles. they target israel and iran. wererly 2013, reports circulating that warheads were ready in pakistan. the former head of israeli military intelligence argued the september that the attempt from iran to go nuclear would lead to saudi arabia to activate their nuclear arsenal. pakistan andgo to they will bring what they need to bring, and then every regional superpower, like egypt and turkey and iraq will be nuclear. intelligence that saudi nuclear weapons could be in pakistan ready to go appears to have come from the israelis. and others believe the deal may work differently, that pakistan may send miss
Nov 3, 2013 8:00am EST
. it is arbitrary. but in chile, we are used to this. >> santiago is littered with grim reminders of the past. this person is the director of another former torture center, where in the garden every rose represents a woman killed. the torturesurvived which involved beatings, electric shock, and more. >> there was a particular torture they used against women, like me, who refused to talk. it involved violent sexual abuse. i was pregnant at the time and i loved my baby. he said the country did not need another baby. the buildings of the time have been destroyed, but they have built a model of the cell where she was held blindfolded for weeks at a time with four others. 20s, was then in her also held in one of these cells and tortured for her left-wing beliefs. which brings us to another mystery in the story. the reluctance of so many in chile, including michelle herself, to talk about what chet years. the pino is it an advantage in the campaign that your main rivals father was implicated in the death. >> i have been thinking about this for some time. i think every candidate has his own history.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)